Add On Services

Additional Telecom Services from Teltech

Teltech creates custom solutions to implement programs and project management on behalf of the client. We provide industry leading telecom consulting and engineering services as well as solutions for disaster prevention and security.

Teltech offers a full range of industry leading telecom services. Teltech’s add-on services include:

  • Coordination/resolution of systems/service affecting events.
  • Coordination of software upgrades.
  • Network performance monitoring and enhancements to support customer growth and pattern changes for optimal performance.
  • Market expansion design and support for financial analysis.
  • Competitive network evaluations in strategic markets.
  • 1st and 2nd tier trouble resolution support.
  • Support for field integration and testing to ensure compliance with FCC mandated RF exposure limitation.
  • Code administration.
  • Map creation for marketing, CSA, and coverage for state, county, BTA, and BEA areas.
  • Transport management including circuit assignments, capacity management, and forecasting.
  • Interconnect and facility planning, engineering, and implementation.
  • Switch leasehold Improvements.
  • RF design and engineering including propagation, search ring issuance, build configuration, and optimization.
  • Switch engineering.
  • 3G to 4G migration deployment.
  • Pim testing.
  • CAD.
  • TDM over IP deployments and design.
  • General services (cable runs, equipment mounting, LoS verification, fiber trenching/deployment/splicing).
  • PtP/PtMP and mesh network design, installs and implementation.
  • License microwave and BDA deployments.
  • Cell site.
  • Site surveys.
  • Tower enhancements.
  • Cell site design.
  • Cell site /switch site / tower audits.
  • Cell Site capital planning for strategic applications (12-60 months).


Want to learn more about our add-on telecommunication industry services? If you would like to learn more about the add-on solutions that Teltech can provide for your company, contact us today!