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Our Mission: "The Power of the Sun delivered to you in a simple, dependable package."

Welcome to OnSite Solar (OSS).  OSS offers a unique series of "plug and play" ground mount solar  power solutions designed to be rapidly deployed in any environment in minimal time with minimal effort.


OnSite Solar produces the some of the most cost effective solutions to ground mount solar power generation available for any size off grid instillation. Each rapid deployment unit is built to withstand 90 MPH winds and is rugged enough for any conditions. The unique "plug and play" design makes it possible to be up and running in hours rather than weeks. Every unit is capable of providing power to critical systems for 24 hours a day via top-of-the-line, maintenance free batteries. With minimal site preperation the units can be deployed faster than any comperable unit on the market with nothing more than two installers and a forklift*. OnSite Solar has a solution for everyone, and we are dedicated to helping every industry eleminate the need for nonrenewable power.

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