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Teltech Presents at the QuEST Forum’s 2015 Americas Conference

  • 17 September 2015

Teltech Presents at the QuEST Forum's 2015 Americas Conference

The QuEST Forum is a global association helping its members develop and implement quality and performance practices that unite and improve the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector. 

Each year the Forum hosts a number of Best Practices conferences for Europe, Asia and the Americas dedicated to best practices sharing among its members.    For the 2015 Americas Conference, Teltech was invited to speak about its comprehensive End of Life solution set that has set the standard for ROI to its clients while ensuring that all brand, regulatory and environmental risks are managed and mitigated throughout the process. 

A Teltech team consisting of CEO, Lisa Hanlon, President, Danny Wade and SVP of Operations and Logistics, Chris Rodgers attended the conference.   On the opening day and in the main hall, Danny and Chris presented Teltech’s End of Life solution set, “Breathing New Life into End of Life” to a packed crowd of industry leaders representing the world’s largest carriers and OEMs in ICT.

Danny opened up the presentation by introducing the challenges today’s carriers face when implementing a network wide decommissioning initiative.   A typical decom project takes place over an 18-36 month period, involves dozens of companies managing up over a million serialized assets.  Legacy thinking for legacy networks often creates an artificial demark once the equipment is off the network.  It’s at this point that “New Life” begins at what was once considered ‘End of Life’. 

Danny Wade – President of Teltech addresses the Forum

Through Teltech’s closed loop and mature systems and process, Teltech seeks to return the highest ROIs for its clients by effectively managing the End of Life process with a primary target of 100% landfill avoidance.   100% landfill avoidance helps ensure that value is extracted throughout the process and returned to Teltech clients while equally ensuring a sustainable future for us all.

Throughout the EOL process Teltech remains focused on managing brand, environmental and regulatory risks by applying the best practices and over 50 standards of our Environmental, Health and Safety experts to ensure that not only brand risks are managed but enhanced by the completeness, accuracy and sustainable practices of the Teltech solution set. 

Danny’s three decades of experience was highlighted during the presentation with the full circle irony that his first decade in the industry was spent manufacturing the equipment that is now being ‘de-manufactured’ by Teltech today. 

In addition to the US centric view of ICT decommissioning, the human element was discussed in the ethics of those companies that sometimes take a shortcut to decom initiatives by simply offshoring e-waste to developing countries. 

In these instances, archaic processes are often utilized by families operating as a business and having made the choice of ‘poison over poverty’.  As an example, acid washing and open flame de-soldering create toxic byproducts that pollute the land, air and water as well as create health risks for entire families and developing nations where e-waste is processed.

An additional byproduct of offshoring e-waste is that integrated circuits are salvaged, processed, counterfeited and then reintroduced into the US market.  These counterfeit chips put our critical military, health and transportation systems at risk. 

Teltech’s closed loop process ensures not only 100% landfill avoidance but that materials aren’t offshored and are only processed by Teltech’s reliable downstream partners that comply with all EPA and governmental agency requirements for responsible and sustainable disposal of hazardous waste and e-waste.

Midway through the speech Danny handed off to Teltech SVP of Operations and Logistics, Chris Rodgers who took a deep dive into Teltech’s Reuse, Repurpose and Recycle processes. 

Chris Rodgers - SVP of Operations and Logistics details the mechanics of a complete EOL program

Chris detailed how Teltech and Genesis Green have developed and refined the company’s capabilities over the last 16 years to ensure our carrier and OEM clients can rest assured knowing that their EOL initiative is in good hands continually seeking to optimize their benefits and returns.

The end result of a well-managed EOL program created a powerful brand identity for our client that won numerous awards for their environmental and sustainability focused decom program.  Teltech’s landfill avoidance total of 75 million lbs. had an equivalent benefit equal to removing 661,860 cars off the road for 1 year.

Danny closed Teltech’s presentation with a powerful message that a complete closed loop end of life program is the right choice for many reasons for all companies in the ICT sector;  “Not only is this program good for the environment, the industry and the global community, but it is also good business.”

The QuEST Forum’s 2015 Americas conference was a first class production all around.  Teltech was pleased to be a part of QuEST’s 2015 conference as well as participate and contribute in the Forum’s Sustainability Initiative.  We made a lot of new friends and learned many creative and innovative best practices from the other speakers at the event.

If you’d like to know more about how Teltech can ‘Breathe New Life into your End of Life’ please contact Teltech today by emailing us at