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Creating New Life at End-of-Life with Telecom Equipment


  • 8 May 2015
Creating New Life at End-of-Life with Telecom Equipment

When it comes time to upgrade gadgets to the latest and greatest versions, most device manufacturers don’t even think twice about trashing old parts.  According to Wired, network upgrade initiatives are slated to produce 93.5 million tons of electronic waste in 2016.  Telecom equipment and cabinets in particular undergo rapid innovation, leaving older models obsolete and in need of a responsible end-of-life solution that reuses, repurposes or recycles the legacy network equipment.

Genesis Green indisputably sees this issue as an opportunity to make a difference in the telecommunications landscape.  Our mission is simple: To oversee an environmentally conscious telecom recycling program that provides quality equipment, superior service, and excellent value to our customers.

Genesis Green initiatives even go a step further beyond our zero landfill commitment. At the 2014 Energy Forum and Expo, we were proud to showcase a new way to give outdated telecommunication cabinets a second life as Onsite Solar Systems

The engineers at Genesis Green have designed a mobile power solution that repurposes telecom cabinets as part of our Onsite Solar System (OSS).  These systems are portable and much more affordable than roof mounted solar panels.  Genesis Green’s Onsite Solar System is an attractive remote power solution with numerous industrial applications in Oil and Gas, Telecommunications and for practically any remote power need where reliable and robust power is necessary.  The systems are designed to be easy and affordable to expand if the user’s power requirements increase. 

The Genesis Green OSS is designed for rugged remote locations where reliable power is needed.  The self-contained unit can be deployed in a matter of hours, as well as repositioned and redeployed with the same ease and minimum site prep.   

The Genesis Green OSS innovation highlights the remarkable potential to reduce electronic waste while at the same time, create a clean sustainable power solution.  For more information on how Genesis Green can solve your remote power needs please email us at