Engineering and Technical Services

Teltech provides engineering and telecom technical services

Engineering and Technical Services

Teltech offers a full range of industry leading engineering services. As one of our core capabilities,Teltech’s engineering service group will create the right solutions for your existing and future telecom needs.

Our engineering and technical project management team provide a wide variety of solutions in multiple disciplines including engineering, operations, construction, logistics, and strategic planning. By anticipating the clients needs, Teltech can properly provide the necessary engineering solutions to any challenges that arise. The end result is a custom tailored solution and strategic plan specific to the customer and their needs.

Teltech's telecom engineering solutions span multiple wireless and broadband technologies including CDMA, UMTS, GSM, WiFi, and WiMAX voice and data networks. Our goal is to be the telecom and wireless industries first choice for services throughout all the stages of the network life cycle – from planning and development, through system upgrades, and optimization, to decommissioning. Teltech’s team has industry expertise and are the talented professionals you need to meet your needs at every step of the telecom network development process.

Teltech engineering service group offers:

  • Configuration and integration.
  • Design, build, and re-configuration.
  • System testing.
  • RF engineering.
  • In-building/DAS designs (iBwave certified).
  • Network performance monitoring and enhancements to support customer growth and pattern changes for optimal performance.
  • Market expansion design and support for financial analysis.
  • Competitive network evaluations in strategic markets.
  • 1st and 2nd tier trouble resolution support.
  • Cell site capital planning for strategic applications (12-60 months).
  • Support for field integration and testing to ensure compliance with FCC mandated RF exposure limitation.
  • Code administration.
  • Map creation for marketing, CSA, and coverage for state, county, BTA and BEA areas.
  • Transport management including circuit assignments, capacity management, and forecasting.
  • Interconnect and facility planning, engineering, and implementation.
  • Switch leasehold improvements.
  • RF engineering including propagation, search ring issuance, build configuration and optimization.
  • Switch engineering.
  • Cell site/switch site/tower audits.
  • 3G to 4G migration deployment.
  • Cell site design.
  • Pim testing.
  • CAD.
  • TDM over IP deployments and design.
  • Tower enhancements.
  • General services (cable runs, equipment mounting, LoS verification, Fiber splicing).
  • Site surveys.
  • RF design and engineering.
  • PtP/PtMP design and installs.
  • Mesh network design and implementation.
  • BDA deployments.
  • Drive testing.
  • License microwave deployments.
  • Fiber trenching / fiber deployment services.


Teltech is equipped to provide expert services to your telecommunications capital projects, whether they be greenfield, capacity, or coverage construction including project management of switch/cell site acquisition and development, engineering (including RF engineering), procurement and contracts management, and network operations.

Contact a Teltech representative today to learn more about our engineering and technical services by calling 800.417.9631 or email our sales team here.