Recycling For Industry

Recycling For Industry.

Our Mission: To reuse materials or re-purpose materials in an environmentally conscious manner, providing quality equipment, superior service, and excellent value to our customers. By doing so, we reduce capital investment budgets and decrease the need to dispose of materials in landfills.

Environmentally Conscience.

Recycling For Industry was founded in May 2013 as an environmentally conscious partner to offer another means of asset recovery to our Teltech Communications customers. Teltech Communications is an R-2 / Rios certified entity (R2: 2013 - A0003407-2, and RIOS: 2006 - A0003408-2).

Teltech Communications, in conjunction with Recycling For Industry, has a zero landfill policy based on our 3 step approach to used and old telecom equipment.  REUSE // REFURBISH // RECYCLE.  Using this approach we are able to re-configure and re-deploy legacy network assets providing significant Cap-Ex avoidance, or employ onsite breakdown of commodity metals for maximum yield.

  • R2/RiOS Certified.  (R2: 2013 - A0003407-2, and RIOS: 2006 - A0003408-2)
  • Onsite breakdown of commodity metals for maximum yield.
  • Segregating the various classifications of grades of e-scrap for higher revenue.
  • Proceeds split with customer.


Our superior network and equipment knowledge allows Teltech and Recycling For Industry to redirect customer assets from disposal to reuse. As a result of our complete end to end capabilities for telecom decommissioning and asset recovery, Teltech and Recycling For Industry have helped:

  • Create $375million in cost avoidance through the reuse and repurpose of network assets 
  • Enable 72,380,000 pounds of total landfill avoidance 
  • Recycle over 6,600,000 pounds of batteries 
  •  Return over $24,000,000 in recycling proceeds to our clients

Teltech and Recycling For Industry exceed all regulatory environmental compliance through rigid R2/RIOS processes for all electronic waste. Our commitment ensures maximum ROI for our clients, and zero landfill for our planet. Please expand the tabs below for more information on our recycling and end of life solutions or contact us directly by emailing


R2 = Responsible Recycling.

The process of Responsible Recycling is a green renewal process that Teltech and Recycling For Industry are 100% committed to. It takes energy to initiate renewal, action to change things, and commitment to make it happen. Our mission is to see real change in a process that has been the "norm" for years, but one we are dedicated to in everything we do, and it's working!

Learn more about what R2 is, and why it is important by navigating the tabs below.


Why is R2 Important?

In our ever evolving world of technology there is a dark place that is far from "Green". It is a place where the industry throws tech trash away. This particularly sorrowful place is a wetland turned wasteland on the outskirts of Ghana and is described by Jim Puckett in his Essay “A Place Called Away”. In 2010 the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) estimated that on an annual basis over 1 Billion pounds of e-waste is produced globally. Of that amount 7,200 (US) tons finds its way to the Port of Tema in Ghana.

To change this horrific, devastating, and socially irresponsible practice of global dumping and exploitation, action has been taken by organizations such as the United Nations, the Basal Action Network (BAN), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Electronics Takeback Coalition, and the Institute of Scrap Recycling (ISRI).

As with all political organizations there are varying points of view on how best to solve the problem.


How Do We Take More Action?

The obvious question glaring us all in the eyes is "How do we take action to manage global dumping"?

The solutions include:

  • Domestic and International - Import/Export Laws.
  • Environmental Oversight Agencies –NGO’s, EPA, UNEP, State Laws.
  • Standardization of the best Recycling Practices (R2 and E-Stewards).

Just as spring brings renewal to the earth, the language of "I speak R2" brings a renewed and refreshed application of Teltech’s quality, environment, health, and safety management system.


I Speak R2.

What is the language, or Best Practices, of R2?

R2 is a Standard for Responsible Recycling that focuses on the performance of electronic recyclers. It sets forth requirements relating to environmental, health, and safety aspects of electronics recycling.

  • Utilizes a hierarchy of reduce, re-use, and dispose so we can significantly decrease the amount of waste added to landfills each and every day.
  • Encompasses the environmental aspects: air, water, earth.
  • Focus on health & safety of workers and the public health.


What Are Focus Materials?

Focus materials are materials in end -of-life electronic equipment that warrant greater care during recycling, refurbishing and materials recovery.

Materials must be managed with with safeguards to eliminate the potential to adversely effect worker health and safety, public health, or the environment.

Items containing polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), items containing mercury, CRTs and CRT glass, batteries, and whole and shredded circuit boards (except for whole and shredded circuit boards that do not contain lead solder, and have undergone safe and effective mechanical processing, or manual dismantling, to remove mercury and batteries).


Health Responsibilities

Environmental and Public Health Responsibilities adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Recyclers are required to assure that more toxic materials streams are managed safely and responsibly.
  • Downstream vendor management – must track final disposition of shipments.
  • Export must be legal. Prohibits export of toxic materials to countries that have laws making their import illegal. Non-OECD countries (not economically developed).
  • Everyone within the companies has their own important role in Teltech and Genesis Green’s environmental responsibility.


Our Commitment to The Environment

We are committed to understanding our role(s) in the overall R2 process, and ensuring that every worker is aware of the hazards, necessary protective equipment, and always following the rules of safety first. This includes:

  • Utilize best practices that are protective of worker health & safety, the public, and the environment.
  • Focus materials training – identification and awareness of special care needed for handling electronics.
  • Regulatory compliance – local, state, and federal.

Our Commitment to Quality

What is our role in bringing Quality to our work environment?

  • Meeting and exceeding customer expectations.
  • Continual improvement of processes.
  • Bringing quality to the work we do.

Making a Difference

While the quality environmental health and safety management system is comprised of standards, we at Teltech and Genesis Green have a standard, which is to do the right thing, even when no one is watching...

Keep It Green!