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GreyWolves Telecom Network Field Services

Introducing GrayWolves Telecom.

Mission: GrayWolves Telecom develops long-term partnerships within our industry by focusing on safety, quality and training that results in trusted customer experiences, delivered by our loyal and responsive “pack.” providing long-term telecom careers for veterans is a cornerstone to this mission.

GrayWolves Telecom Overview & History.

  • Founded in November 2012 as a subsidiary of Teltech Communications.
  • Field and engineering services with training centers and headquarters located in Carrollton, Texas.
  • 30,000 sq ft facility for training, warehousing and project support.
  • 3 main training rooms, 4 mock towers inside facility, access to 250 ft. tower.
  • Business focuses on installs, de-installs, upgrades, site surveys/audits and maintenance of cellular networks.
  • Integration, commissioning, test & turn-up, and engineering services.
  • Small Cell and In-building deployment/installation services.
  • Partners with Warriors 4 Wireless to hire and provide careers to veterans and enhance tower resources.
  • End-to-end wireless network services and solutions.

Collaboration Equals Superior Services.

Network Field Services - Graywolves TelecomTeltech Communications LLC and its wholly owned subsidiary, GrayWolves Telecom,  collective mission is to ensure customer needs are met with superior product understanding, unparalleled services, and sourcing assets. We supply customized solutions for network, wireless, and wireline equipment, using expert knowledge in reserve logistics, asset management, equipment refurbishment and resale, network field services, and administration.

Teltech and GrayWolves help reduce customer expenses of managing, refurbishing, and repairing network assets, bolstering capital CAPEX and alleviating strain on OPEX. Consultative and product-neutral approaches are taken for the deployment of in-building, DAS, last mile, backbone, and MACRO networks.

"Providing long-term telecom careers is a cornerstone to this mission."

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