Larry Sutherland

Larry Sutherland

Vice President of Operations

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Larry Sutherland began his career at Teltech Communications LLC and GrayWolves Telecom LLC in October 2014.

His role as Vice President of Operations includes executive oversight and responsibility of all operations pertaining to the services division of Teltech Communications, GrayWolves Telecom, to include project management, deployment, installation and de-installations, recruiting, staff augmentation, quality, safety, and project controls.

Sutherland has more than 20 years of experience in telecommunications. He began his career in the United States Army, Signal Corps. As a veteran of numerous deployments in various locations around the world, Sutherland developed a diverse knowledge of the telecommunications structure. His wide variety of skills include training, deployment, operations and back office logistics in both the wireless and network sides.

Sutherland’s transition from the military to civilian sector of the industry began when he took an opportunity to learn in the field. He started as a Lines and Antenna Technician for a small, but very reputable company, Cherokee Wireless. Sutherland rapidly moved through the ranks and eventually began leading operations with staff augmentation, services and general contracting companies.

Sutherland advanced his career in a position as Vice President of Operations with Telecom Network Solutions, an operating unit of Quanta Services, Inc., formerly one of the largest specialty contractors in the country. At Quanta Wireless Solutions, Sutherland opened new divisions and was a key member in the formation of the company: a merger of multiple operating units. These units formed a TurnKey organization that offered customers a “Soup to Nuts” vender of national deployments at the OEM and carrier level.