Managing Assets

Managing Telecom Assets

In the fast paced, ever changing telecom industry, companies need to react, grow, and evolve. Teltech is here to help you do that.

One of our core capabilities is to manage assets so our clients can focus on growing their business. We create solutions for our customers to utilize their excess and decommissioned equipment. In doing so, we help our clients earn a profit while having the least amount of impact on the environment.

Our management of assets services include:

  • Multi-vendor equipment refurbishment.
  • Spares management and kitting.
  • Multi-vendor consignment reseller.
  • Reverse logistics environmental recycling partner.
  • Legacy network asset management and optimization.

Since 1999, a foundational element of our core services has been the management of our clients assets. Ensuring things are ready to use, sell or pass on in a moments notice is what we do. When we assist with your asset management we oversee the segregation of equipment between resale, reuse, or recycle. No matter what option is determined for the clients equipment we then have the resources and skill set to see it through from start to finish.

This includes one of three options:

  • Prepare the piece of equipment for reuse and get it back into the field.
  • Prepare the piece of equipment for resale and seek buyers on your behalf.
  • Or determine the piece of equipment is no longer of value and scrape it to it's lowest point with zero landfill impact.


Are you needing assistance with the management of companies assets? Teltech is here to help and see that you earn maximum profit with our proven process for managing telecom assets. If you would like to learn more please contact us today.