Mission & Values

That Which Drives Us.

Our Mission:   Teltech’s mission is to create solutions for our customers.

Using our Core Capabilities, Teltech anticipates the customer’s needs, reacts to the challenges that come from a fast evolving industry to deliver for the customer. We ensure that our customer’s needs are met by providing superior product knowledge and unparalleled asset sourcing. Thus adding value to our end customers.

We Create Solutions.

Teltech grew out of the need to create solutions to the problems impacting our clients in the fast paced, ever changing telecommunications industry. We are a worldwide supplier of communications solutions for network, wireless and wireline equipment and related services. Teltech is a leader in creating legacy and next generation telecommunications networks. Since 1999, we have successfully implemented customized solutions to meet customer needs in asset recovery, inventory management, sales, sourcing, and professional services.   What solution can Teltech create for you?

Teltech's Core Values.

They are what guide us in our day to day activities, help us when setting our short and long term company goals, and most importantly reminds us that we are unbreakable when working together as a team. 


Teltech has a zero landfill use for electronics and only utilizes vendors with the same policies.


To always conduct our day to day business and personal affairs with honesty and fairness.


By putting the Teltech name on the product or service our customers know it will get done right.


By being proactive we can reduce unforeseen challenges and complications for our customers.


Through determination and perseverance we create real tangible solutions for our clients.


We take a disciplined approach when creating solutions so that it gets done right the first time.

Self Improvement

We are always looking at ways to better our capabilities, products, services, and relationships.


We are always stronger as a team than the individual sum of our parts. We live and breathe this in all we do.