Spares Management

Spares Management & Temporary Storage

Ready to ship at a moments notice. Teltech takes in spare components to refurbish and reconfigure for the service provider to re-utilize when ready. We take a company's spares and ship them out when needed.

When you utilize our spares management services we handle the warehousing, transportation, and tracking of your spare telecom equipment. Teltech creates the perfect spares management and kitting solution for our customers, specific to their unique needs. We make this a smooth and easy process by utilizing Teltech's custom tagging and tracking systems, wide ranging spacious staging facilities, and transportation network. We can meet all of your telecom spares management needs with a team of dedicated professionals ready to move at a moments notice.

Our spares management solutions include:

  • Warehouse management facilities with over 200,000 sq ft of storage capabilities.
  • Storage options at multiple locations from Texas to Colorado.
  • Temporary storage and staging facilities.
  • Custom tagging and tracking system for superior spares management.
  • Nationwide transportation network.

Free up valuable space at your own location by allowing Teltech to consolidate your warehouse needs. Teltech can help by stocking and managing all of your equipment spares at a central location that best suits your needs. The end result, creating on-demand delivery of the spares you need with overnight shipping.

Want to learn more about our spares management services? If you would like to learn more about the spares management solutions that Teltech can provide for your company, contact us today!