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Andrew L7SGRIP Support/Hoisting Grip-R

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    Detailed Description

    Teltech Exchange has the Andrew L7SGRIP Support/Hoisting Grip-R in stock and available for shipment. Please contact us by email or by filling out a quote form to receive a firm price quote on Andrew L7SGRIP Support/Hoisting Grip-R within 24 business hours. In addition to this item, Teltech has many more parts in stock from Andrew/Commscope that can help ensure your network’s reliability.

    Don’t see a part posted in our online store yet? Contact Teltech’s Customer Service Team directly and we’ll search our internal database to get you the quality spares you need to help ensure your network’s quality and reliability metrics are met.

    All Teltech products come with a 30 day warranty period. Extended warranty periods and terms are available on request.

    The Teltech mission is to provide “Every Part, Every Time” for our customers. Contact us today for your telecom equipment needs, new or used, legacy or newly released, we can help. Please email us at or call us at 1.800.417.9631

    Warranty & Shipping Rates

    All Teltech products come with a 30 day warranty period. Extended warranty periods and terms are available on request.

    Shipping Options

    Teltech can package and ship your item overnight, next day or economical ground and freight according to your needs. Your Teltech Exchange customer service representative can provide you with shipping options and pricing to best fit your needs.

    Payment Options

    Teltech offers credit cards, wires and purchase orders as payment options for purchases. Your Teltech Exchange customer service representative can describe the options and terms that are available for your purchase.


    If you need assistance in ordering products or can’t find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us at 1.800.417.9631 or


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