Why Choose Teltech

Why Teltech Communications?

Our team is comprised of wireless industry veterans from all aspect of designing, building, and maintaining networks. Our Project Managers are all PMP Certified with backgrounds in the telecommunication industry.

We offer our customers a lot of value and efficiency through a diverse team of qualified and experienced personnel. This enables Teltech to supply the worlds leading telecom carriers with services & equipment that build and maintain networks which optimize value and savings.

Teltech’s functions of supply management, asset management, recycling, and equipment services occur nationwide. Headquarters and warehousing are based in Eagle and Grand Junction, Colorado, respectively. Teltech has offices in Overland Park, Kansas and Carrollton, Texas which function as customer service and new business development centers.

Teltech's Quality Policy:

Teltech's Quality Policy is to bring quality to all we do. This includes exceeding customer expectations, providing proactive leadership in setting and achieving quality, environmental health & safety goals, and by doing work right the first time. We commit to responding in a timely and appropriate manner, to make corrective actions when necessary, and to review policies and logistical operations to achieve continual improvement.

Teltech's Environmental Policy:

Teltech 's environmental policy is to provide careful and responsible stewardship of the surrounding natural resources, its facilities, and the telecommunications equipment we manage for resale, refurbishment, reuse, and recycle.

In accordance with Industry and R2 standards and federal, state and local regulations, Teltech ensures proper management of used and end-of-life electronic equipment based upon the hierarchy of "Reuse, Recover and Disposal/WTE." Teltech adheres to a zero landfill policy and only offers for resale/reuse equipment that is fully functional and is in compliance with its original intended use.

We promote the prevention of pollution in all of our operations, including being proactive with customers, vendors, and internally to ensure responsible recycling and promote awareness in environmental responsibility. Teltech communicates its policies and expectations to its employees and is committed to achieving continual improvement in the management of health, safety, and environmental aspects that it may impact.

  • Earth: Teltech employs strategies to reduce, reuse, and recycle to ensure that its operations have a positive impact on the environment through the conservation of metals, plastic, aluminum, paper, and non-renewable resources.
  • Air. To prevent deterioration of air quality and pollution, Teltech minimizes the use of aerosols, cleaning solvents, corrosives, and processes that contribute to the generation of hydrocarbons that cause GHG.
  • Water: Teltech takes care of natural resources and is observant of best practices related to water conservation and storm water run-off.

Teltech's Health & Safety Policy:

Teltech's Health and Safety Policy is to provide a healthy and safe work environment. Risk management is utilized to mitigate potential health, safety, or occupational hazards. Human resources are highly valued - standards are set, implemented, and reviewed. Training is provided to ensure understanding of processes and that proper methodologies are utilized. Participation and shared responsibility for health and safety during the performance of duties is required. We strive for continual improvement.

These policies are reinforced by Teltech's commitment to:

  • Provide a framework for establishing and reviewing QEH&S objectives.
  • Develop and maintain quality, environmental, health & safety, and security programs that conform to the best practices within the scrap and electronics recycling industry.
  • Comply with customer and product requirements and industry guidelines, including the Responsible Recycling (R2) practices.
  • Manage used and end-of-life electronics equipment, components, and materials based on a hierarchy of first, reuse/refurbish; second, materials recovery; and finally, energy recovery/disposal.
  • Manage the R2 focus materials that pass through our facility or control in a manner protective of worker health and safety, public health, and the environment.
  • Work with our entire recycling chain including downstream vendors, suppliers, customers, and contractors to fulfill our quality, environmental, health & safety goals. 
  • Select only downstream vendors, suppliers, and contractors who are capable and qualified and who strive to achieve goals that are consistent with Teltech's policies specifically as related to ISO 9001 and R2/RIOS standards.
  • Prevent workplace injuries by providing a safe environment for employees, contractors, visitors, volunteer workers, temporary workers, and anyone else performing activities under our direction.
  • Investigate any workplace accidents, illnesses, and near-misses, and promptly correct any unsafe condition or practice.
  • Continually improve our quality, environmental, and health & safety programs by setting goals and objectives that are in tandem with our business, financial, operational, and legal requirements as well as the views of interested parties; measuring performance and taking actions for improvement.

Teltech's Company Objectives

  • We review the quality, environmental, health & safety management system, goals and objectives and related programs regularly to ensure its positive effect on conformance to requirements and continual improvement.
  • We establish and document our key processes and objectives. We will monitor and measure our performance against the objectives and strive for continual improvement.
  • We communicate with our customers, vendors, employees, and interested parties, and seek their input.
  • We strive to improve customer satisfaction in measurable, meaningful ways using input from major customers.
  • We deliver orders on time to customer request dates.
  • We deliver complete orders.
  • We promote the prevention of pollution, recycling, and substitution of products that are potentially harmful to the environment.
  • We identify and comply with all applicable legal and regulatory environmental, health & safety requirements.
  • We strive to achieve a positive impact on the environment through proactive resource management including reduced use of energy, zero by-product disposal, reducing transportation impacts, refurbishment (reuse) of telecommunications equipment, and recycling of packaging/consumer materials.